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             Quality Assurance Statement and Policies.

                  Webco Packaging Quality Assurance Program has been established to monitor
    quality product and packaging of suppliers.   Only established suppliers are used
    by Webco Packaging.  As part of this Quality Assurance Program we offer our customers
    a quality product with a limited return policy.  As part of our Quality Assurance we
    evaluate customer returns though returned sampling.  This policy is established to
    evaluate and monitor suppliers quality and reporting results to the suppliers Q&A
    department.   With an established .065 Military Standard Accept  level.

                  Our Quality Assurance Program includes the following :
                      1. In house review of sampling of all return goods.
                      2. Customer surveys of received goods.
                      3. Reporting of customer complaints and defective material to

             Customer Return Goods Policy:
             Upon receipt of defective material, call Annie @ 1-260-625-6060. 
    If required a small sampling of the defective material will be shipped for inspection.
    Included in this sampling should be examples of the defect and percent of defect VS
    good product in the containing carton quantity and suppliers lot number identification.
    Upon approval, defective product will be replaced or refunded.

            Customer Quality Survey:
As part of Webco Packaging Quality Assurance Program we ask our customers to
     print and fill out our customer quality survey. This allows us to monitor quality standards
     of our suppliers.   Please click on this link: qasurvey and fax to    

            All quality issues and comments can be emailed to annie@webcopackaging.com